Rabu, 25 Februari 2015

The DIY Girl Teen Bedroom Decor

When we’re talking about Teen Bedroom Decor, this is also meant one thing. The Do It Yourself project! Surely you can always buy some bedroom decorations with cheap prices from the thrift store or second hand shopping, but by creating the decorations by yourself, you can also add some of your personal touch to your bedroom. Today we will give you several ideas of DIY Teen Bedroom Decor ideas
Girl Teen Bedroom Decor

Beach Theme Mason Jars

Mason Jar is probably one of the most used items for DIY decorations, they are really easy to find and can be applied for a lot of purposes. One of them is for Beach theme Teen Bedroom Decor. What you need is very simple insert some amount of beach sand into the jar. Then you can also enter some corals or shells or even driftwood, anything than remind you of the beach. If you want, you can also insert a message into it with your dreams written on it.

Wall Art

If you love to paint, then use your paintings to decorate your bedroom. You can paint directly to the wall or you can grab an old wooden board and turn it into some vintage art for your Teen Bedroom Decor. Then what are you suppose to paint? Basically, whatever, it will represent your personality. You don't have to draw an animal or view, sometimes you can also paint some motivations words or a statement that you like.

Magnetic Make Up Display

For some girls, make up is really necessary, but, keeping them inside your drawers is quite inconvenient, so why don't you hang them? Yes, now go find an old frame to replace the wooden board with metal board, you can have them cut when you buy them. You can paint the frame and cover the metal board if you want. Then buy some refrigerator magnet and hot glued them behind your make up and stick them. It’s really simple.